Star Wars cakes

RUB 6,500
RUB 5,900
RUB 4,500

Star Wars is a whole universe that unites people of all ages. Children admire the battles and exciting adventures, adults enjoy the deep plot and philosophical aspects. That's why a Star Wars style cake can be the perfect gift for any fan of this epic saga.

Imagine how your guests will be surprised to see a dessert decorated with the image of wise master Yoda raising his lightsaber or dark lord Darth Vader on the holiday table.

Creating a Star Wars cake is an art in which every element reflects the grandeur of the universe. From the vibrant colors of the lightsabers to the details of the armor, every crumb of the cake is infused with the energy of this epic saga.

If you're ready to dive into a galaxy of flavor and memories, place your order at the «Tortik Annushka» pastry shop.