Pokemon cakes

RUB 5,200
RUB 4,900

Among all the Pokémon, one of the most famous is, of course, Pikachu! This little yellow Pokémon with cute cheeks and sparkling eyes has won the hearts of children and adults alike. Pikachu has become a symbol not only of the animated series, but also of real culture, his charm and charisma have become an integral part of the childhood of many generations.

No wonder that cakes with this character are very popular! Do you want your child's favorite Pokemon to be present at the party? You can order a cake with the image of Pikachu or other Pokémon to add magic to the celebration. We lovingly and creatively create unique desserts inspired by this cartoon.

Don't miss your chance to bring a piece of the animated series into your life! Order a Pokemon cake from us and immerse yourself in the magical world of this cartoon!