Cake delivery

  • Cakes are delivered strictly in a six-hour time slot. The driver contacts the customer one hour before arrival.
  • Delivery within a shortened time interval is discussed individually and calculated at a special rate. The Customer's driver's waiting time at the delivery address is 15 minutes.
  • Self-collection is carried out at the address Nagatinsky Boulevard 6a, Shopping center Nagatinsky, 3rd floor. At any time from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, by appointment.

Delivery price

Delivery around Moscow
From 3 to 4 kg 800₽
From 5 to 6 kg 1200₽
From 7 to 9 kg 1600₽
From 10 to 12 kg 2000₽
From 13 to 15 kg 2600₽
Over 15 kg Individually
The final cost of delivery is calculated by the manager
Delivery outside the MKAD is paid additionally + 70 ₽ per 1 km


  • The customer must be present at the specified delivery address for the entire, pre-agreed, six-hour interval of time.
  • Delivery is made only to the exact address specified by the customer (district, street, entrance, floor, apartment number/ establishment name). If the delivery address is changed during its execution, the customer pays as the new delivery
  • Receiving the order is carried out in the apartment, office, hall, warehouse, within the building (structure) belonging to the specified address.
  • If there is no elevator, the unloading and lifting of the cake weighing 5 kg and more is done by the buyer. If it is impossible to unload and lift the product by the buyer, this service is negotiated and paid for separately.
  • Delivery is not carried out to construction sites, railway stations, subway stations, shops, catering facilities (except for their administrative premises with a specialized unloading area), security, secret and non-existent objects. To parks, woodlands, beaches or other_shop_item places that do not have a specific address or conditions for the transfer of products and accompanying documentation, receipt of payment, or travel to the place of transfer of product at a distance of less than 50 m.
  • When delivering to the territory where there is no possibility of access to the address (pedestrian area, closed park zone, etc.) less than 50 m. -delivery is carried out only to the place of the nearest entrance/administrative parking.
  • Parking in Moscow City, restaurant Lastochka, Chaika and the like is paid for by the customer.
  • The cost of delivery includes 15 minutes for receipt/transfer of each product. Courier downtime over this period, pay extra, at the rate of 15 minutes = 500 ₽.
  • Seller is responsible for the appearance of the goods until accepted by Buyer. Acceptance of goods by the Buyer shall be made in the presence of employees of the delivery department, in terms of appearance and completeness. In accordance with Articles 458 and 459 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, complaints about the appearance and equipment of the delivered goods may be raised only before the Seller hands over the goods to the Buyer. Upon receipt of the goods, the Seller's obligation to hand over the goods shall be deemed fulfilled, and the risk of accidental damage to the goods shall pass to the Buyer. The fact of acceptance of the goods by the Buyer is confirmed by the Buyer's signature on the "Delivery Note".
  • Cake delivery is carried out in refrigerated cars by specially trained drivers.