Lego cakes

RUB 5,500
RUB 6,100

In every little Lego piece lies the opportunity to create something amazing. This constructor has become an integral part of the childhood of many generations, turning ordinary moments into magical adventures. By assembling it, we create our own worlds, realize our dreams and develop our imagination.

Our Lego cakes are inspired by the uniqueness and creativity of the constructor. Each layer, delicate filling, like a brick, fits into the big picture of your taste preferences. We create not just desserts, we build gastronomic works of art.

Imagine a holiday decorated with a bright and colorful Lego-style cake. The guests will be incredibly interesting to unravel this sweet constructor, discovering the flavor "secrets" of each level. After all, why not combine fun with the pleasure of exquisite taste?

Don't miss the opportunity to please yourself or your loved ones with a unique Lego cake from «Tortik Annushka». Let's together create a magical moment that will be remembered for years to come.