Sonic Cakes

RUB 4,800

Sonic, as a character, embodies unabashed joy and energy. His bright blue fur and cute red sneakers have become a symbol of childhood for many. After all, who hasn't dreamed of adventures with this impetuous hedgehog?

Children adore him for his fearlessness and optimism. Sonic is a true symbol of childhood, able to give fun and joy at any moment. His adventures are imbued with friendship and fortitude, making him an inspiring hero for every little fan.

But it's not just kids who find their hero in Sonic. Adults appreciate him for his nostalgia, for the opportunity to remember those easy and carefree moments of childhood.

The hedgehog brings joy to his fans in the world of video games, and our desserts bring pleasure to everyone! Delicious, creative and made with love - a Sonic cake is the perfect treat for you and your guests.

If you want to add a dose of fun and a bit of adventure to your next celebration, order a Sonic cake for a birthday party at "Tortik Annushka".