Gravity Falls cakes

RUB 4,700
RUB 4,800

In this amazing animated series, brother and sister, Dipper and Mabel Pines, go on summer vacation to their strange uncle in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls. Here they discover something incredible: goblins, dinosaurs, ancient secrets, and even portals to other dimensions.

Mysterious characters, strange entities and fun adventures all inspire us to create Gravity Falls style cakes that have a share of magic and wonder. Each layer is like a chapter in this exciting story, and each filling is like a mystery that unfolds as you savor the flavor.

Gravity Falls has become a vibrant phenomenon because of its unpredictability, funny humor and unique graphics. Similarly, our desserts will never cease to amaze you with their flavor, texture, and design.

So, friends, if you are thirsty for adventure in the world of wonders and sweets, then "Tortik Annushka" is your portal to the world of delicious secrets. Order a Gravity Falls birthday cake from us, and give the celebration a share of magic, as in the heart of the town of Gravity Falls!