Cakes for a linen wedding

RUB 6,800
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,300
RUB 5,600
RUB 5,600
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,100
RUB 7,800
RUB 5,800
RUB 5,100
RUB 4,800
RUB 5,000
RUB 4,500

Linen wedding is an important date in the life of spouses. Each cake for 4 years of wedding is a balance between exquisite design and flavorful delights. Our cakes will emphasize the tenderness and solemnity of your celebration. After all, we pay attention to every detail, from the shade to the texture of the coating, so that the cake was not only beautiful, but also fully corresponded to the theme of the celebration.

We embody the atmosphere of the anniversary with art in every layer and pattern, as we know how important it is to create harmony between design and taste, so all ingredients are chosen with special attention to quality. Soft layers of sponge cake, soaked in delicate creams, will unfold in your mouth with literally every bite, leaving a unique aftertaste.

We know that linen wedding is an important event, and the dessert should be special. Our studio is ready to realize the most daring ideas and create a linen wedding cake that will match the depth of feelings you have on this day.