Small wedding cakes

RUB 5,400
RUB 5,100

Our small wedding cakes are not just a dessert, they are art created with love and professionalism. Each cake is a thoughtful combination of exquisite flavors and unique design.

Miniature works of culinary art. Attention to detail and striving for perfection is what distinguishes our studio. We are sure that even a small wedding cake can create an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration.

Each cake is a unique masterpiece. We do not work according to templates - each dessert production for us is a creative process. We listen carefully to your wishes and are inspired by your story to create something that will perfectly match your taste and style.

Rich flavors, delicate textures. Mini wedding cakes not only look stunning, but they come in vibrant flavors that will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. From classic options to bold flavor combinations, we have a choice for every couple.

The small size of the cakes make them the perfect choice for intimate ceremonies and receptions. However, even in such a compact design, each one exudes grandeur and sophistication.

Order a small wedding cake from our studio and give yourself and your guests a memorable taste experience wrapped in an atmosphere of romance and warmth. Let your celebration be delicious and stylish!