Wedding cakes two tiers

RUB 7,300
RUB 6,900
RUB 7,300
RUB 9,800
RUB 5,300
RUB 5,500
RUB 6,800
RUB 5,400
RUB 5,100

In our studio, you will find a large assortment of beautiful two tier wedding cakes that will transport you to a world of tenderness and gustatory delight.

Two tiers combine flavor and visual temptation beautifully. Every step of creation, from the selection of ingredients to the careful assembly, has been thoughtfully considered. The upper and lower tiers, like partners in a dance, combine in harmonious unity, creating an impressive composition.

Our wedding cakes in 2 tiers are an ode to taste and style. We make your dreams come true by creating exactly what reflects your uniqueness. Delicate creamy textures, exquisite decorations and subtle color schemes fit into the overall design of your celebration.

Every detail of the cake is thought out to the finest detail. From delicate floral patterns to subtle accents, everything is designed to emphasize your style and wedding theme. However, we emphasize not only the look but also the flavor of each layer. From delicate vanilla to rich chocolate, each flavor unfolds captivatingly, leaving a trail of ineffable pleasure in your memory.

By choosing a custom two-tier wedding cake from our studio, you are not only getting an amazing taste delight, but also a true edible masterpiece that will become an important part of your special day. Reflection of love and style in every detail, every flavor is what makes our cakes truly unforgettable and meaningful.