Wedding cakes three tiers

RUB 5,800
RUB 5,700
RUB 6,800
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,600
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,100
RUB 6,100
RUB 7,800
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RUB 5,400
RUB 4,900
RUB 4,900
RUB 5,900
RUB 6,700
RUB 5,500
RUB 6,500
RUB 5,000

Three-tier wedding cakes from our studio are an exquisite symbol of love and taste. Each tier is a separate stage of preparation, laid by experience and skill.

All decorative elements on the cake are handmade. Delicate flowers, elegant patterns and figures that reflect your interests and style create a unique design that catches the eyes of guests. The 3 tier wedding cake will be the main accents of the celebration, fitting in with the overall style of your event.

Inside each layer is an explosion of flavors. From exquisite chocolate surprises to delicate fruit compositions - each slice is a treat for gourmets and sweet tooth. Carefully selected ingredients and the skill of confectioners create a unique taste experience that will leave vivid memories.

We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the perfect flavor and texture. Cakes are baked with care and attention to ensure that every bite fills you with joy and satisfaction.

By ordering from our studio, you get a beautiful three tier wedding cake that can beautify your celebration and leave an unforgettable impression on you and your guests. Every tier, every detail, every note of flavor - everything in this cake reminds you of your love and uniqueness.