White wedding cakes

RUB 5,800
RUB 6,800
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,600
RUB 5,900
RUB 5,100
RUB 7,800
RUB 5,100
RUB 5,100
RUB 4,500

In the magical atmosphere of our studio, where creativity merges with culinary sophistication, our white wedding cakes emerge - the embodiment of elegance, minimalism and unique taste!

A slender symphony of shades of white in each piece is a true ode to purity and harmony. We do not just create a dessert, we embody the idea of splendor, enveloping it in sweet clouds of cream. And underneath, the most delicate flavors are hidden. From delicate classics to bold and unexpected combinations - the assortment will please even the most refined gourmets.

Wedding cakes in white colors are not just a dessert. White color represents harmony and purity, and this is what we want to convey through our desserts. It is a symbol of the beginning of your journey together, and each piece of cake is like a blank canvas ready to be filled with your experiences and moments of happiness.

Trust us and we will create for you a cake that will become the center of attention and an unforgettable part of your celebration.