Dinosaur cakes

RUB 5,100
RUB 5,100
RUB 5,100
RUB 5,600
RUB 4,100
RUB 4,600

We know how to make your child's birthday really special! Cakes from our design studio are a real magic that will bring joy and smiles on children's faces.

Our cakes with dinosaurs for boy carry the magic of distant eras and the joy of childhood. We pay special attention to detail and carefully work out each design.

Attention to detail is not limited to just the appearance of the cake. We ensure that all baked goods are made without the use of dry mixes or preservatives. This means that the cake we create not only looks amazing, but also has a unique natural flavor.

Our dinosaur cakes are not just a sweet treat, they are a journey into the Jurassic World that your child will remember for a lifetime. And now is the time to delight him with an amazing dessert.