Cream flowers

Zalina Borisova
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RUB 15,500
1 March


Cream flowers


A master class on creating flowers from cream is suitable for any level of training.


Let's study coloristics or color science. Let's learn how to combine colors, highlight the main and secondary tone of the composition. How to combine cold and warm shades.


Let's prepare the perfect cream for flowers. Stable, without oily sheen, silky taste, moderately sweet.


Let's look at the basics of composition - this is necessary for the harmonious arrangement of flowers, leaves on a cake or cupcakes.


We will work out the technique with you and show you every movement of the nozzle, so you will be able to create a flower arrangement on cupcakes from:

- Roses

- Apple blossom

- Ranunculus

- Hydrangeas

- Peonies

- Rosebuds


We will also learn how to create voluminous foliage on branches.

Each participant decorates their own set of 6 cupcakes.

All materials, tools and detailed technical maps are provided.

Zalina Borisova - confectioner-teacher, founder of the Zalina Borisova Confectionery studio, author of master classes on cream floristry using Korean technique and case desserts.
Education: Korean Design Cakes Art / KDCAA Master Instructor School of Olivier Bajart. Perpignan, France.
Confectionery studio "October 21" Alexandra Nozdracheva. Riga, Latvia. Cream floristry workshops. Berlin, Germany.

*Reservation of a place occurs only on an advance payment.

Prepayment for course- 5500 rubles.
In case of cancellation of the reservation, no refund will be given.
If a course is canceled by the school, the prepayment is either transferred to another course or refunded in full.