4-day intensive course

Seats 8 left
RUB 59,000
2 - 5 November

4 day intensive by Tortik Annushka


Сurrent pastry chef Tortik Annushka

Training program

The intensive is designed for 4 days and involves a complete immersion in the world of creating modern designs in the design of cakes!

- 4-tier cake with a molecule from "Annushka Cake" (demonstration)
- 3-tiered cake (dummy) - practicing several techniques
- 2 tier real cake - cake assembly, perfect ganache leveling, velor, chocolate tempering, fondant work
- square cake - cake assembly, perfect alignment

1 day

Practical lesson on making a 3-tiered cake.
Each student will make their own dummy cake to practice various decorating techniques on it:
- work with fondant (rolling, coloring, coating the cake and the rules for working with food coloring)
- technique "Marble"
- technique "Ruffles"
- technique "Petals" (demonstration)
- "Isomalt" technique
- technique "Sheet isomalt" (demonstration)
- "Pear" technique (demonstration)

2 day

- assembly of a 2-tier cake: impregnation, cream application, leveling (each student assembles his own 2-tier cake)
- assembling a square cake (each student assembles his own cake)
- preparation of ganache (author's recipe "Annushka Cake")
- chocolate tempering
- making decor from chocolate - "cones"
- making decor from mastic - "petals"

 3 day

- cake leveling technique with ganache (each student levels their own 2-tiered cake)
- a lecture on assembling a multi-tiered cake
- square cake leveling technique with ganache (each student levels his own square cake)
- making chocolate balls
- work with an airbrush (coloring petals, chocolate balls and molecules on a chef's cake)

4 day

- installation of a 2-tiered cake
- velor coating, work with a spray gun
- final decoration of cakes

All materials, tools and detailed technical maps are provided by the school and are included in the tuition fee!

*The color scheme of the cakes on the course will differ from the one shown in the photo.

*Reservation of a place occurs only on an advance payment.
Prepayment for all courses - 10,000 rubles.

In case of cancellation of the reservation, no refund will be given.
If a course is canceled by the school, the prepayment is either transferred to another course or refunded in full.