Confectionery school

Confectionery courses are for those who want to develop their talents, learn new heights in making sweets or learn everything from scratch. Annushka School specialists will share their knowledge and help everyone become a master of their craft. Enroll in a confectionery course and learn how to create unique products under the guidance of professionals. Master classes are available for everyone.

Confectionery School AnnushkaSchool - The Best Choice!

Our confectionery school is located in Moscow. For your convenience, we have detailed information on our website about all our training programs, exact schedules, locations, and tuition fees!

We analyze current trends in the world of confectionery to share truly useful information with our students.

Our masterclasses are practical. Everyone will work with their own hands and gain real experience. Students are fully involved in all processes, allowing them to better understand the specifics of making and decorating sweets. All confectionery courses are designed so that participants gain certain knowledge, learn to work with chocolate, prepare fillings, bake sponges, and much more. No one will leave without new knowledge and the desire to actively apply their skills in practice.

Who Are AnnushkaSchool Confectionery Courses Suitable For:

  • Beginners aiming to develop their talents and reach new heights
  • Advanced bakers and confectioners wanting to acquire new skills and stay updated with the latest trends in the confectionery world
  • Professionals understanding that there is no limit to perfection and that one should never stop honing their craft

What You Will Gain from Our Confectionery Courses:

  • The opportunity to learn from renowned chefs with many years of successful practice
  • Study of current trends and tendencies in confectionery art
  • 100% practical classes held in a professional kitchen equipped with special appliances and the latest tools
  • Individual attention from instructors to each student
  • Detailed tech cards with exact measurements and nuances of working with various ingredients

Choose the program you wish to master and call us right now!