Confectionery school

Confectionery courses are for those who want to develop their talents, learn new heights in making sweets or learn everything from scratch. Annushka School specialists will share their knowledge and help everyone become a master of their craft. Enroll in a confectionery course and learn how to create unique products under the guidance of professionals. Master classes are available for everyone.

Training program

The Annushka School is located in Moscow. You can attend different courses on how to make certain kinds of confectionary. There is a specific list of master classes for beginners and professionals on the page. Confectionery courses are conducted by teachers with extensive experience.

In the near future, workshops are planned:

  • «Sponge cakes А то Z»;
  • «Eclair Boutique;
  • «Assembling tiered cake»;
  • «Baking and Decorating», and much more.

We analyze current trends in the world of confectionery so we can share truly useful information with students.

The workshops are interactive and practical. Everyone will work with their hands and gain real experience. Students will be involved in all processes as much as possible. This will allow a better understanding of the specifics of making and decorating confectionery. All of the confectionery courses are designed to ensure that participants gain definite knowledge, learn how to work with chocolate, make stuffing, baking sponge cakes and much more. No one leaves without new knowledge and a desire to actively apply their abilities in practice.

Annushka School courses - the best solution

The world of confectionery is rapidly developing and changing. Our specialists are aware of this, that's why they help everyone who wants to increase their experience and get acquainted with new opportunities. Confectionery courses are designed for beginners and those who have been working in this field for a long time. In any case, everyone will find a lot of useful information. We organized master classes at a decent level:

  • furnished the spacious kitchen with everything we needed for training (equipment, tools, food, etc.);
  • found the best teachers in the pastry business;
  • designed the courses in order to give all students the attention they needed;
  • chose available ingredients, techniques for working with confectionery.

Wedding cakes, fondant, cupcakes, cheesecakes - this and much more you can create with your own hands by following the skills of the specialists of Annushka School.

Call now to sign up for pastry classes. If necessary, we will clarify prices and master class schedules.