Sponge cakes without cream cheese

Zalina Borisova
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RUB 24,500
17 - 18 October

Sponge cakes and decor


-Hazelnut cake with meringue

-Pistachio-strawberry cake

-Raspberry Sacher cake

-Exotic cake

-Honey cake with cherries


During the course you will learn how to make truly textured biscuits of different types using different kneading techniques.


- Hazelnut biscuit

- Pistachio

- Chiffon chocolate

- Coconut dacquoise

- Honey cakes


Let's prepare various types of stable creams that do not contain cottage cheese and mascarpone. Bright berry and fruit flavors of creams, with a silky texture, can be frozen.



Let's analyze the work with berry layers, determine the ideal balance and texture


How each component affects the stability of a tall cake, while the fillings should be delicate, soft in texture.


2 types of super-stable cake coating. Concrete ganache, as well as smoothing cream without chocolate, which you can hold in your hands.


We will create 5 basic decors, not complicated, but effective.


All materials, tools and detailed technical maps are provided by the school and are included in the tuition fee!


 Zalina Borisova - confectioner-teacher, founder of the Zalina Borisova Confectionery studio, author of master classes on cream floristry using Korean technique and case desserts.

Education: Korean Design Cakes Art / KDCAA Master Instructor School of Olivier Bajart.  Perpignan, France.

Confectionery studio "October 21" Alexandra Nozdracheva.  Riga, Latvia.  Cream floristry workshops.  Berlin, Germany.


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