Cakes with heroes


Each character cake is a journey into a dream world. Here you can meet cheerful Tom and Jerry, a beautiful Little Mermaid or even brave superheroes. We bring to life the most colorful characters from the world of cartoons, comics, movies and literature. Every facial feature, every element of the outfit, as if comes to life to please you and your guests.

Combining the art of design and our skill, we create cakes that are not only visually striking, but also delight your taste buds. Delicious sponge cakes, delicate creams and unique fillings are combined in such a way that every bite is a true delight.

Such desserts are ideal for festive moments: birthday cakes with characters, for corporate events, for New Year's Eve and other holidays. They not only please the eye, but also give unforgettable taste sensations. Delicate sponge cake, natural fillings, tender creams - all the components of the cake are harmoniously combined, creating the perfect flavor balance.

When you make an order in our studio, you get not just a dessert, but a real story that you can share with your loved ones on your special day. Each cake becomes a unique work of art, an embodiment of skill and imagination. We lovingly create every detail to bring your favorite character to life in all its glory.

Choose your favorite character and give yourself and your loved ones moments of fairy tale and magic. Our character cakes to order are a journey into the world of fantasy, where every piece carries a piece of magic and joy.